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If you are living in Hanwell, London and find yourself in need of painting and decorating services, look no further than Oakfield Decoration. We know how important it is to feel happy within the walls of your home, and this is simply not going to be the case if something isn’t’t quite right. We are here to offer you the services you need to take your home from what it is now, and transform it into something stunning.

At Oakfield Decoration, we have the experience and the knowledge to be able to provide exactly what we are promising. We offer a range of services to ensure that we cover all bases, leaving our customers nothing short of excellence when we leave.


The Best Interior Painters And Decorators in Hanwell

Interior painters and decorators Hanwell

Creating the right feel in the home has a lot to do with the decoration. The last thing that you need is for something to be missing from the space, causing the wrong kind of vibe in your Hanwell home. If you’re not someone who keeps up with the latest interior design trends, you might not realize that it’s time for an upgrade until you see other people’s homes on social media. Or, you may have noticed that your home is starting to show signs of wear and tear as it’s been so long since the interior has been decorated.

It is our mission to bring some beauty back into the heart of your home, making you happier than ever before. With our interior decoration services comes a new sense of comfort within your own home, making you glad you chose us for your needs. We are also so confident in our work that we offer a 2 year Dulux warranty to all of our clients. Trust us, and we promise to deliver.


Expert Exterior Painters And Decorating Services In Hanwell

Exterior painters and decorators Hanwell

It’s not just the inside of your Hanwell home that may need some attention, the exterior could be crying out for it too. If you’re thinking of selling in the near or even distant future, you need to ensure you are keeping up with your kerb appeal, giving people a good impression of your home when they walk past. Luckily for you, we are the painters and decorators in Hanwell who can handle this job for you.

There is no project too big or too small for our exterior painting and decorating team, so do ensure that you get in touch with us for any external painting or decorating needs. Whether you are a commercial property or a residential one, we can cater to what you need. Bringing out the best in every building is what we do, and we can’t wait to see how we can help you.


Super Spray Painting Services In Hanwell

Spray painting Hanwell

If you have found yourself on quite a tight budget, you don’t have to panic. Changing up your home decoration doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, which is why we are proud to offer residents of Hanwell our spray painting services. Covering up signs of wear and tear, or just generally improving the design of your property, we can do it all.

We can cater to a range of materials such as wood, plaster and plastic, only using the highest quality materials to get the job done. When searching for painters and decorators in Hanwell, you want to be sure that you are choosing a team that has the experience and licenses to make your property stand out for all the right reasons. That’s what we provide to our Hanwell residents, so don’t wait another second to speak to us about this.


Trustworthy Stone And Brick Cleaning Services

Brick and stone cleaning service Hanwell

Stone and brick has been used to build homes for many years, and when wandering through the streets of London, you will find many properties like this. We use the DOFF cleaning technique in order to restore the brick of your building back to its original glory, preserving the history while ensuring that it’s completely clean. Brick and stone cleaning can be useful if your property has been the victim of graffiti, or if you have unsightly growths such as fungi and algae on the outside of the building.

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