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We take satisfaction in being able to offer more than just ordinary painting and decorating services at Oakfield Decoration. Instead, we attempt to give a comprehensive range of services to our consumers, such as painting, decorating, repairing, managing, and much more.

We’re a team of experts who may be hired to do all of the painting and decorating in your Ealing home.

Our expertise speaks for itself since we have many years of experience in the field. Whether you have specific ideas for your house or require further assistance, the Oakfield team is here to assist you.

From the moment you meet our team to the moment we pack up to depart, you can be confident in our dedication to your project. Our work process is divided into four stages, each of which is critical:

• Planning
• Planning Consultation
• Execution
• Quality Control

We’ll cover everything from tiny house remodelling touches to exterior painting & decoration painting in Ealing. A picture is worth a thousand words, so have a look at our online collection to see if any particular styles appeal to you…


Top Quality Interior Painters & Decorators

Interior Painters and Decorators Ealing

Oakfield Decoration is a leading interior decorator based in Ealing, London. We provide complete interior decoration services in Central and West London. Our professional decorators have years of experience creating beautiful, long-lasting finishes for any home or business.

A leader in interior design, Oakfield Decoration helps clients create their dream home or office. Because we are a Dulux Select Decorator, we promise to use only the best paints and supplies.

Oakfield Decoration takes pride in being clean, orderly, and respectful while working with you to achieve your decorating goals. We won’t stop until the client is happy. Our group has adorned homes, schools, offices, libraries, and eateries

With our clients, we plan the entire project and provide realistic completion dates. All of our interior décor work is covered by a 2-year Dulux guarantee.


Expert Exterior Painters & Decorators Service

Exterior Painters & Decorators Service Ealing

Oakfield Decoration is a leading exterior decorator in Central and West London. With scaffolding, licencing, and everything else involved in a full exterior decorating project, our professional team of decorators manages the project from concept to completion.

We have completed numerous exterior decorating projects for homes, flats, schools, and offices. We are proud to say that several of these projects have led to ongoing relationships and a repeat customer base.

In addition to our friendly, experienced decorators, Oakfield Decoration is known for delivering exceptional exterior decoration projects. We are proud to work with a wide range of businesses, providing attractive and professional exterior decoration.


Superior Spray Painting Service

Spray Painting Service Ealing

Spray painting wood, metal, plaster, and plastic is inexpensive. Oakfield Decoration Ltd can help with a new kitchen or a large ceiling spray. Assemblies are covered before spray painting, we wash and key surfaces before spraying and we can also repair the damage before painting.

Oakfield Decoration Ltd can help you select the right materials and we only use premium paints and stand behind our work. We cover all aspects of spray paint, not just one.

Our spray painting services:

• Ceiling and Wall Spraying
• Window and Door Spraying
• Cladding Spraying
• Furniture Spraying
• Intumescent Coatings

We are a fully insured painting and decorating company with a two-year guarantee on all spray painting work. Every project we undertake is aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction, and we won’t stop until our clients are happy.


Brilliant Brick And Stone Cleaning Service

Brick And Stone Cleaning Service Ealing

The DOFF cleaning machine uses steam to clean stone. It’s a ‘superheated water system’ that can reach temperatures up to 150°C at the nozzle end, making it, unlike any other steam-based cleaning system.

Its ‘superheat’ helps remove moss, algae, fungi, and other biological matter, as well as kill spores by thoroughly cleaning the surface it is used on. This eliminates the need for a chemical biocide during removal or to prevent further biological activity.

Oakfield Decoration has a full team of qualified brick cleaners and stone cleaners who have used the cleaning system for many clients. As well as Ealing, our specialist brick and stone cleaning services cover Central, North, South, East and West London.

What is DOFF Cleaning?

A DOFF machine uses hot steam to clean stone and masonry. While the system’s temperature is high, the pressure on the cleaned surface is gentle and the water volume is low. So the surface is not saturated and will dry quickly.

The DOFF cleaning machine is ideal for removing all types of exterior dirt and grime but excels at removing: Graffiti, Bird & Vermin Fouling Algae, Moss & Fungi Wax Coatings Other Biological Matter (Oil, Grease, Bitumen).

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