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The comfort and protection that our homes offer us have never been as evident as during the pandemic. If you are thinking about keeping your property in tip-top shape and creating an even healthier, more pleasant home environment for your whole family, you are not the only one!

Here at Oakfield Decoration, we have the experience, skills, and passion necessary to make the most of your Acton home. From high-quality painting and decorating services to repairs, maintenance, and property management, our team Oakfield Decoration can take care of all of your needs.

Our decades of experience in the field – coupled with a talented team of painters and decorators – ensures that each project is completed to the highest standards. Here’s what you can expect from us:

•  A 4-stage tested process that includes Planning, Planning Consultation, Execution, and Quality Control
•  Your vision and expectations kept in mind throughout the process
•  The same respect for your Acton home as if it was our own
•  An extensive portfolio of successful projects for you to check out

Here’s more of what to expect when partnering with Oakfield Decoration for your Acton home project.


Trustworthy Interior Painters & Decorators for All of Your Acton Home’s Needs

Interior Painters & Decorators Acton.jpg

Your Acton home’s interiors are crucial in creating the right atmosphere and level of comfort for your whole family. Unfortunately, your home’s interiors are also at the front line of your household’s daily lifestyle! So, it isn’t rare for your interior decor to fall out of fashion or start showing signs of wear and tear.

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our Oakfield Decoration team of painters and decorators, we can restore the beauty and comfort of your home located in Central and West London. Here’s what to expect from our interior painting and decorating services:

• A team of professional decorators ready to meet any of your needs
• Long-lasting finishes for any home or business
• As a Dulux Select Decorator, you can expect us to use only the highest-quality supplies
• A respectful and orderly work environment aimed to cause minimal disruptions to your daily life
• Realistic completion dates
• A full-cover 2-year Dulux warranty


Exterior Painters & Decorators Services To Level Up Your Acton Property’s Kerb Appeal

Exterior Painters & Decorators Acton

Your home’s exteriors can influence your property’s kerb appeal and impact its market value. Whether you are planning to sell your property, or you are looking to create a more appealing Acton home for your family, Oakfield Decoration can help you with all of your exterior decorating needs.

When partnering with Oakfield Decoration, you can count on a team of experts that will manage your project from start to completion. Thanks to our licensed painters and decorators in Acton, we can manage all licensing, scaffolding, and design tasks involved for a streamlined, stress-free exterior decoration project.

With experience decorating schools, homes, commercial premises, and small flats, no project represents a challenge for our team. Get in touch today to learn more about the hidden potential of your property.


Experienced Spray Painting Services in Acton

Spray Painting Acton

Restoring the beauty of your interiors, exteriors, furniture, cladding, or windows does not have to be expensive! Thanks to our professional spray painting services in Acton, you can hide signs of wear, restore flaws, and improve your property’s design. Here’s what to expect when partnering with Oakfield Decoration for your spray painting project:

• A licensed team of spray painting experts that undergoes regular training
• Spray painting options for a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plaster, and plastic
• Pre-spray painting preparations and repairs
• Highest-quality spray painting supplies
• Comprehensive insurance
• 2-year warranty covering all spray painting work


Stone & Brick Cleaning Services: Restore Your Property’s Brilliant Look

Brick Cleaning & Stone Cleaning Acton

Stone and brick elements are a signature of traditional and historical London buildings. Thanks to our DOFF cleaning technique, you can restore the beauty of your brick details and features. The DOFF cleaning process involves the use of a gentle high-temperature steam machine. While this cleaning process is gentle on the stone and masonry, the steam delivered at 150°C deep-cleans any surface, removing any kind of pollutants, substances, and dirt from stonework, including:

• Graffiti
• Bird & vermin fouling
• Algae, moss & fungi
• Wax coatings
• Other biological matter such as oil, grease, bitumen

Thanks to our revolutionary stone and brick cleaning process, your masonry will dry quickly and regain its original appeal. All of this, while also enjoying a stress-free professional restoration process performed by highly trained DOFF technicians in London.

Here at Oakfield Decoration, we have helped thousands of Acton homeowners rediscover the unique charm of their London homes. Get in touch today to discover the right cleaning process for your property.

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