Note 2: Although the double vinyl artwork is huge, gatefold, magnificent, the CD version of DOPESMOKER is the best option overall because you can get utterly narnered once you’ve put it on and not have to get up for almost an hour and ten. The riff drones through your ears for two and a half minutes or so. The album lives and breathes through it's repetitions and minor changes and I couldn't think of another way to create this kind of monolithic atmosphere. "Sonic Titan" as performed live is a slightly faster track with a more rocky and hardened feel. Read and write album reviews for Dopesmoker - Sleep on AllMusic Now go play that record, lying somewhere while your soul flyies with the stoner caravan. Now I'm at about 18 minutes. I will completely concur with the author of the review of "Jerusalem," who said that this song (heard here as Dopesmoker, in all its 63 minute glory) is certainly a love-it-or-hate-it affair. If you like stoner, sludge, doom, drone, ambient, noise, or ANYTHING, or just want something downright heavy, evil, thick, and epic as all fuck, GET THIS!!!! It's no secret that Sleep smoked a hell of a lot of marjiuana, and the lyrics certainly reflect that. The guitarwork is very rhythmical, following along with the rest of the band, giving a very unified sound. WITH BONG IN HAND” We still have Sonic Titan (live). The band churns on for a fucking aeon, while the singer delivers his absolute-knowledge directly into your helpless brain. See, I also enjoy the Melvins, a band who's voyages into slow-motion trance doom have always tripped me out (especially the LYSOL EP, which is everything DOPESMOKER is not). This is one of the best stoner metal albums out there. weird. It's a pretty simple but effective Doom song with vocals that remind me of Ozzy Osbourne and songwriting that is similar to Sleep's "Holy Mountain". "the CD in the car stereo" kinda thing, you know how it is. This kind of thing may turn off some people who want fast fucking thrash, or some pure aural death assault. Not to mention his work on Om's first few albums. I tried counting the riffs once, there's not even 10 discernable riffs in this entire thing. This album gives off a…gospel-like vibe when I listen to it, and Al just sounds like a God with his general bellowing of his lines. No review found! In comes some very, very distorted vocals. The guitar lines are still pretty good, but definitely not as heavy as Dopesmoker. You feel like you’re living the journey with this caravan by the end of 63 minute play time of the title track. First off, it's boring. They were a legendary band who recorded 3 career defining albums in a short space of time. The definitive Stoner Doom album. It takes a special kind of stoner to appreciate all the biblical stuff allusions in the lyrics, the kind of stoner that went to Sunday school as a kid and things just sort of stuck. We all know the legend of how Jerusalem and Dopesmoker came about. This is the heaviest fucking album I've ever heard. I'm at about 16 minutes right NOW, and this is the most fuzzed-out, weed-induced holy motherfucking explosive album I've heard in a while. Dopesmoker as a song and as a record is one and only. It stays at one tempo the whole time, which is a long time. The problem is, Sleep wrote Dopesmoker with the same mindset as most sludge/doom/funeral doom bands do when they write songs that are significantly shorter, around the 10-20 minute mark. But his vocals are sporadic in this song, which seems to very amorphous structure. Dopesmoker is an alternative version of Jerusalem. Dopesmoker ends softly and rather unexpectedly. The song took years to perfect and release as DOPESMOKER. The drumming is similar to a lot of Doom Metal, using the crash to carry the beat a lot of the time, usually nothing ridiculously complex etc. Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist. I would write a longer review, as this song is longer than most whole albums. After minute three it becomes really roaring and smashing and honestly, if I was to hear it spontaneously while passing around some random place, I would have thought that it is a collapsing mountain. As far as inducing alternate states of mind and leaving an impression on me... Dopesmoker doesn't. It … Sleep's two-track epic "Dopesmoker" is nothing short of epic. It sounds familiar but has it already changed? There is honestly only enough material here for 15 minutes, not 60. Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2014. Sleep and their splinter groups all share the same sonic approach: detune the hell out your guitars, fire up all of your distortion pedals at once, and grind out filthy, hypnotic post-thrash metal. It works too, the percussion perfectly in time with the guitars, the bass high in the mix, and the vocals booming over everything. Now, the main song is something rather out of line. SURGING SOLO PINES INTO ABSOLUTE Your mind is outwardly thinking “WHAT THE FUCK” and in doing so, takes in absolutely everything. Maybe I have to be high to understand and enjoy this 63-minute, one-song stoner metal album. Even as someone with ADHD I can sit through the entirety of the album and love every minute, Intro to final solo. Heaviest album ever? There are also solos that are spread out throughout this musical treasure chest. It's as if a cosmic force has infiltrated the musicians and imbued them with a mission to lead us to a Promised Land, as suggested in the lyrics, and that mission has its own liturgy that Sleep must teach or channel to us and we should follow if we seek enlightenment or redemption from sin. They are the flag-bearers of the stoner metal genre, taking Sabbathean doom and Iommi worshiping riffs and melding them into three amazing albums. He said it was the most hypnotic piece of doom metal ever recorded. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. There is an inherent majesty implied in monolithic, which Dopesmoker thoroughly lacks. It works too, the percussion perfectly in time with the guitars, the bass high in the mix, and the vocals booming over everything. I’ll admit that this is a bit of a grower, folks; when I first bought it, the first couple times I heard Dopesmoker didn’t really do much for me. The drumming is very much like Bill Ward's style, and is very hypnotic in nature; the crash cymbal is used to keep time for 90% of the song. Come on. One tune. And in the wake of HIGH ON FIRE and their terrifying rumble I became more and more curious about what I'd missed out on. It's pretty much what I expected, only a bit worse. Decided to just buy the album and that's really about it. Maybe they were trying to say something like this with their music, or maybe these are just some stoner ramblings of mine.....but it remains an interesting thought about hteir album to me. If there was a 63 minute long thrash song, there'd be probably about 80 million riffs in it. Another very long recording with a bonus live track of "Sonic Titan" attached, "Dopesmoker" follows on from "Jerusalem" with similarly styled lyrics combining both a Biblical theme and an exhortation to listeners to know redemption and achieve oneness with the divine through the Dao of Marijuana. I can't say more good things about Dopesmoker. Follow the smoke my dudes. This certainly isn't a record for everyone. I mean seriously, stop and read that again. This album is a mammoth release from stoner kings, Sleep. AllMusic Review by Eduardo Rivadavia [+] The saga of Sleep 's Dopesmoker was already almost ten years in the making by the time of its belated release in 2003. “FOLLOW THE SMOKE Dopesmoker is definately an experience anyone with a remote liking for Doom should take part in. After that, Sleep return to business as usual, concentrating on pushing that pulsing deep rhythm ever onwards, wherever it may lead, with emphasis on long extended bass drones, a steady time-keeping drumbeat and chanting vocals. It starts of with a little looped guitar noise that slowly increases in volume and leads the listener to the first riff. Slow and heavy, not being eager to lead you to anywhere quickly as if the riff itself is a guide that knows that he has all the time in the universe. It starts off with a massive riffage. The album is broken up into parts which all have individual riff sections, titles and are all linked to the journey across the desert, every part was said to be recorded on spools of tape as claimed by Matt Pike. LORD158; CD). If you didn’t get the heavy imagery, I’ll just state it for you- IT’S FUCKING HEAVY. It is a really fun ride. Dopesmoker is sludgy and thick, and would be well mixed with your favorite strain. There are some nice tom rolls and other fills scattered throughout, it's not a boring ride through this song when it comes to percussion. They’re actually quite jazzy, and don’t seem out of place at all throughout this song. Listeners not attuned to Sleep's style will find this track monotonous but this is beside the point: "Dopesmoker" isn't intended to be music in the conventional sense of having a varied series of melodies and riffs that follows an upward direction to a climax and then either a quick or prolonged exit. And long, of course. Immediately after the solo the Weed Priest chants a line which surprisingly turns out to be a quite "catchy" one. Get this, if you can find it. The first real change in guitar work occurs at about 14 minutes when the riff stops and an epic solo starts which sounds (like the rest of the solos on the album) like a classic Doom Metal solo and a really awesome one too. This song would actually be perfect on Sleep’s Holy Mountain, as it has the more generally “upbeat” stoner vibe to it. For example, one great part I remember is just the awesome bass lines in around the 43-44 minute mark of the song, and absolutely powerful vocal part of “ARISE, ARISE, ARISE….” somewhere I’d say is in the mid-20 (maybe a bit later) minute line. The riffs could maybe be a bit more interesting. The efforts of all the members is at its peak on this release and it is beautiful. But when I heard underground rumblings about Jerusalem and it's proposed 60 minute single song running time, I got a bit skeptical. Sid’s vocal performance on this is also completely different from his bellows on Dopesmoker. It's a great album in itself. And it is, just that, a thing. Then the drums and the bass kick in and everything seems to fit perfectly. But a couple months later, I decide to give this a try and it absolutely DESTROYED MY BOWELS. Sleep chose the second route and succeeded magnificently. This is best enjoyed in a relaxed meditative state of mind. Aww man, these have got to be some of the best vocals I’ve ever heard. Review Summary: Follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land. The iconic stoner metal band’s first studio album in almost two decades is a twin ode to volume and weed. I know, it is a remake of Jerusalem, but I had already heared the original version and I wanted to try this. Light some incense, turn the lights down, get some food, burn one up, and listen to Dopesmoker; it'll rock your world. The song is admittedly very hard to take in one sitting, but once you finally click with it, you’ll fall in love with it. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2012 Green Translucent Vinyl release of Dopesmoker on Discogs. This album is damn heavy. Outer box was not damaged but the album sleeve itself has 2 dented corners, which was disappointing since I had planned to frame the cover. Sometimes you just focus on the strung out guitar chords, or the drums that while pounding can feel light and just the right beat at any moment. This album is the pinnacle of stoner metal. I'm a little reluctant to be effusive about this record, as I have mixed feelings about the lyrics. Since receiving it, it's been played several times. In the December 2000 issue of Spin the album was referred to as "brilliant" and as a "stoner touchstone". "Dopesmoker" has a lengthy guitar intro before the rest of the band kicks in, let alone the vocals. For the next few minutes the listener could think the riff never changes but actually there are minor differences in the constant repetition of the theme. Imagine Rust Never Sleeps -era Neil Young guitar tones meeting slowed down Black Sabbath riffs. It's the heaviest stuff ever put on record. The bass rolls out on its own for small bits, adding nice accentuations here and there. As with "Jerusalem", this is a deeply immersive work that relentlessly sinks you into its intensely focussed world: the first 10 or so minutes build up the deep driving bass-heavy grind and the solemn, gravel-edged yet intense and slightly aggressive robot vocals (suggestive of iron rimmed with rust) and it's only about the 15th minute that lead guitar breaks away for a brief hurried solo. moment? AND... as an added bonus, for those of you who survived that 63 minute onslaught, we have "Sonic Titan." If you want to get acquainted with lengthy Stoner Doom tracks, this is the way. I honestly like this more than Holy Mountain all because of the conceptual storyline balanced with the heavy riffage and thick swampy production and bass. It's like being annoyed at Napalm Death not attempting to write any epics, yknow? It contains one sixty-three minute long song and one nearly ten minute long bonus song which was recorded live in the studio. The first 10 or so minutes tells you all you need to know really. Let the song take you places, it's an amazing experience. Then, they decide to prove that they’ve taken this whole Black Sabbath-stoner thing to its logical conclusion by blatantly ripping off the Iron Man riff, fucking with it for a few minutes, then discarding it and pummeling you until just after the hour mark, when they FINALLY stop. Overall though I think critiquing the songwriting kinda misses the point, for one, there are a lot of different sections, and I mean.. When there is a defined riff going on, they ride on it for about 10 minutes at a time, hypnotically pounding it into the listener's brain until the ears are numb. Everyone who's anyone who likes anything genre with the prefix “stoner” knows Sleep. It doesn't get boring. I guess on some level it is those things, but I'd rather be hypnotized by interesting and multi-faceted music than by dull, monomanical music. If you still find yourself intrigued by the idea of this hour-long stoner metal song, skip a few minutes in, and you’ll shortly be able to tell if this album will be to your liking. God...fucking...damn. But what I know it is is an ambitious musical creation that sinks in and and soaks your brain with these sounds and waves and words and it's just amazing. Just great Doom/Stoner Metal with a great cover. The Sun is rising. Sleep are a band totally unlike any other and even if bearing some similar traits to other bands, their music is comepletely different. Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2014. Dopesmoker [Reissue] by Sleep album reviews & Metacritic score: The reissue and remastered release of the doom metal band's 63-minute track includes a 1994 live recording of "Holy Mountain. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2018. oh yeah man. It’s a neat document of where Sleep were at as a live band in 1994, but I don’t think anyone will listen to it more than once. Then, suddenly, when it ends I wake up. If you manage to absorb yourself into the whole idea, I bet you will enjoy the experience more. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Does your brain hurt yet? 4 bucks. This album is close to my heart and I can zone out of whatever bullshit I'm in and enjoy being in the world of Sleep's wacky weed lore. It's the best parts of Sabbath, except with cranked Metamps and three guys being strung out on some serious conceptual shit. Essential album for all fans of metal, stoner metal or not. Both Dopesmoker and early releases of the album received positive reviews from the music press. I thought so. I'm not going to update you every 3 minutes. The vocalist sounds like he is struggling to take a massive dump, but fortunately, vocals are more sparse than in most songs. Oh wait, there goes the bass! All the performers are at their best here, except Al who ascended into something greater when he formed Om, and the song is expertly crafted. When you hear the end of this album it’s weird remembering that there was a reality when this music wasn’t playing. This disc is a must have for stoner rock fans. Most people would hear this and immediately dismiss it as noise. 3.0 out of 5 stars Very much a niche thing. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 November 2016. So, in short, the album has its merits, but taken as a whole, it’s mind-numbingly (that might be the point) boring as a song, and in terms of sound it’s bad but not unlistenable. Dopesmoker is a masterpiece in my book. The lyrics are an amusing mix of marijuana references of God. It crushes. Thick, bass-heavy sounds that are definately marijuana inspired, rolling on for an hour straight. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I can listen to this album literally everyday, day or night, sober or high. And some more lyrics. They don't matter. One thing I definately recommend is getting the real CD, because the actual CD and the case cover both have some really awsome artwork on them. But, if you're a fan of heavy stuff, this is most definitely heavy. This has, like I said, probably less than 10. There are also a lot of hidden noises you can pick up. Dopesmoker, an Album by Sleep. BUBBLING GUITAR EXCURSION TAPS TO UNDERCURRENT OF TIME, PERHAPS Just got back from an hour commute. The bass and drums are absolutely perfect, they’re hardly even there. His bass is quite deafening, and is very much as big a part of the music as the guitar is, and his playing is superb as always. He’s got to be absolutely stoned when recording these vocals, no doubt about that. DOPESMOKER isn't really a bad or good thing, it's just kind of "there" which doesn't inspire much love from me. Now you’ve got the gist of the entire album. The best way to experience Dopesmoker is along, in a darkr oom, with no other sounds. You simply have to listen to it at least once in your life. It's a sonic journey, otherworldly; it's easy to get wrapped up in it. Dopesmoker is a pilgrimage, an hour-long journey to the heart of the sand sea. I detect no evolution in the sound of Dopesmoker, being stuck on the same riffs for large amounts of time. Published. It would be funny to say that Dopesmoker is not a conceptual album since its whole idea is to achieve one goal. First, the opus itself. The priests have gathered to chant spells for the growth of the Earth. Worthy of your top shelf records. But Dopesmoker is where Sleep really went off the deep end; an hour long song chronicling the journey of the weedians across the sand sea. P.S.- Dope+Dopesmoker=absolute aural orgasm (bring tissues and condoms). I like the picture on the cover, though. I wish I was there the day they made up this part, just so I could soak up the genius. There are also lots of mentions of important biblical places, but I think these are only there to an even clearer picture in your head. The subject matter here is sort of a cross between something from the bible, and stoned ramblings. His solos are less frantic and schizophrenic than those on Holy Mountain, but they still kick ass. The words are mostly unintelligible, even though you’re able to catch the occasional “WEEEEED” or another marijuana reference. It sounds almost completely different compared to the main track on the album and it obviously has a different production value too, because it was recorded live. Been listening to this a lot lately. The zenith of the stoner metal genre? Highlights: There are criticisms, I guess? "Proceeds the Weedian, Nazareth". Had a burnt copy that I had been playing for quite a while now. Honestly, most men would kill for this solo and they way they built it up. The band stumble on, pausing now and again as if to say “yeah, we might finish here”, but of course they don’t, they career headlong into the next stupidly simple but effective riff, the singer’s wisdom forever delivered in this agonizing 1-note melody. But for my taste, their sophomore effort SLEEP's HOLY MOUNTAIN was far better, being more diverse as far as tempos go, and revealing the band as being truly intuitive and strong improvisational players. Early recordings by Earth have the same semi-trancy effect on me, but as they usualy exist in 10 to 20 minute doses, they're a bit easier to swallow and digest. The relief I felt when this album finished was like waking up after a long illness, shaky and still a bit fragile but happy in the knowledge that the worst was now behind me. This album is the tits. Before this all subsides into the calmest, fuck, maybe even most MELODIC piece on the whole album. Listened to "Dopesmoker" all the way through.Hour plus. The musicianship of this band is amazing, 3 guys and copius amounts of Marijuana plus LSD created Sabbathian masterpieces that will stand the test of all time (and space). Dopesmoker is a stoner metal music album recording by SLEEP released in 2003 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. No wonder the band never did anything again after this. Sleep took forever to get their shit together, and after waiting a long time for a new album, a single hour long cut was just not what I was hoping for. SLEEP - DOPESMOKER REISSUE REVIEW Well we all know who SLEEP is. worship) to it, but it doesn’t exactly flow well on this album considering the gargantuan that just followed it. The whole idea of the unearthy caravan walking towards the riff filled land is more than extraordinary and awesome. His bass on this album doesn't have the effects on it that it did on Holy Mountain, but that's kind of a good thing. May 14, 2012. Now there's a sludgy little chord with NOTHING else. Everything's stopped and the bass is dragging on. Sleep are stoner-doom gods and have been here since the late 80s. Well. Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2013. Now, we finally get to hear and experience the entire song, along with an unreleased track. Surprisingly the track does have a conclusion and a very calm, matter-of-fact one at that. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2017. Just get this damn album and LISTEN YOURSELF. But some difference between the two bands is thus: the Melvins have put out a huge clump of work over the years, and their experimental work is easily accepted, ignored or forgotten as they always get back to the business of turning out high quality material in their signature style.

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