Antimicrobial Painting Services

When it comes to safety, anything that we can do to protect the people that use our businesses and organisations, as well as those that work for us, is extremely important. However, few companies are aware that the very paint on the walls of their premises can impact the health and well-being of those working on the premises or even just visiting briefly.

Walls, counters, ceilings, and other workspaces can harbour bacteria and microbes that can pose a risk to health. Of course, up until now, we have generally relied on the work of our business’s cleaning staff to fight against uncleanliness and potential causes of sickness.

Antimicrobial painting completed for a client by Oakfield Decoration


Antimicrobial painting completed by Oakfield Decoration



Our unique service

To solve this issue, your home or business will need to use antimicrobial and antibacterial paint. A product that our team of London painters are experts in using and that helps to create a much more sanitary working environment. One where germs and bacteria are less likely to grow, thus halting the spread of infectious diseases and harmful pathogens.

In fact, the benefits of these paints are wide-reaching:


  • For example, in Schools, it can be used to provide an added level of protection from harmful microbes. Where cross-contamination between so many staff, pupils, and visitors is a crucial concern.
  • While, in doctors’ surgeries, antimicrobial and antibacterial paint can help fight the spread of infections for both patients and staff. A problem that can often arise from a large concentration of people congregating that are sick and visiting a single facility.
  • Also, in dental practices, antimicrobial and antibacterial paint is suitable for ensuring that surfaces are as hygienic as possible. Something that can help to reduce the risk of infection after a procedure. Not to mention help to keep the staff safer in a higher risk environment.
  • While in office environments, the paint can not only protect visitors but help to maintain the wellbeing of staff. This helps protect everyone in the company and also helps to reduce sick days, ensuring maximum efficiency for organisations.




Why use Oakfield Decoration?

If you are looking to make your premises safer, our antimicrobial and antibacterial painting service is ideal.

This is because our painters offer the best antimicrobial and antibacterial painting service in the London area, across Ealing, Greenford, Acton, Hanwell, Westminster, Kensington, Northolt and beyond. One that provides expert application, along with value for money, convenience, and trusted reliable service.

In fact, unlike other hygienic painting services, we are highly experienced in using this type of paint. We can, therefore, deliver the same aesthetic result from using this paint as any other usual covering. This means that you can make sure your premises look pleasing and professional and that it protects those that work there at the same time.




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