Thrawn 4 is the fourth issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: Thrawn, which adapts the 2017 novel of the same name. Phase 0 - Getting to Final BattleThe goal with the first 3 waves is to get to final battle with as much health and protection as possible. Unique recovers health. I mostly agree, but at the time I beat it, my Phoenix were all lvl 80 except Ezra, lvl 82. With the Omega on his basic, Kanan is almost guaranteed a crit on his attack during this event, which makes the debuff un-resistable, so it is much more consistent than trying to land a daze followed by a stun with Zeb. This is really important because without the BBs taking the attention from the AI, the CAs and DDs WILL be eventually overwhelmed, especially when the last waves arrive and you have tier 8 CAs, tier 7 DD/BBs, and occasionally even the tier 9 Izumo charging for you. It is not easy and will take a long time depending on your gearing/mods/kharma and the 20 different variables above. The Home One event is this week, so I can get it to 7 stars and then hopefully get Chimaera to 7 stars. The best option is to actually use Kanan’s taunt to cleanse another team member while also giving himself a taunt for 2 turns. Tier 7 can be tricky. Ideally you have Zeb/Ezra still standing since Zeb can stun and Ezra can damage. Yeah, probably. Edit: don’t forget the omegas. I think it was my envy of those who could beat it with less since I had such a hard time beating it at 85! Press J to jump to the feed. Use whichever dispel you have left from chopper or Ezra on one of the DTs. I didn't always think about the different benefits that Ezra gives with his assist special. Thrawn is one of the most loved villains in the history of Star Wars, and his recent addition to the canon through the Rebels cartoon increases his popularity.More importantly, when it comes to SWGOH, Thrawn is a game-changer for Empire squads and a difference-maker for both Rancor and AAT raids.. June 17, 2017 12:31AM. This requires some amount of luck/stuns to ensure that the DTs don’t use Terminate on Kanan when they kill him which would prevent a revive. The first battle requires five Jedi which are 1-Star or above. Even with 7* G10 Phoenix team members, the event will still be very difficult to time and master appropriately. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Phase 2b - Cleanse the healing immunity debuffsSince most if not all of your team now has the healing immunity debuff from the DT AOE, you’ll need to cleanse these ASAP to keep your squad healthy. I'm 73 atm, so this would be very tough, but maybe possible. Phase 4 - Eliminate the ST CommandersAfter you’re done with the DTs, turn your angst to the ST Commanders. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. Clearing the taunt and taking off at least one of the DT's buffs is critical to your success. I've had the benefit of some great comments so I've been able to improve from my original post with everyone's help. There's no reason it should be I seem to remember that it did. The token for the shoulderpiece of each set drops from Loatheb, 2. the token for the pants of each set drops from Thaddius, 3. the token for the chest piece of each set drops from The Four Horsemen, 4. the token for the headpiece of each set drops from Kel'Thuzad. Thus, if I am going to beat Tier VII it will be about the Mods OR I will have to get Sabine to 7-stars in the next 2 days and 13 hours… There are no tips here that can help. Phase 1 - Dispel the TauntTo make things fun, the ST comes with an autotaunt at the start of the battle. What were your gear levels? This was a bit of a mistake. You can skip the zetas though If she uses her basic on the healthiest enemy she can inflict Expose (look for the “healthiest” indicator in-game). Sabine - I’m ignoring Sabine since I didn’t use her, and she’s now inaccessible to most since the only way to farm her is a low-level node. I have been running a 7-star Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Squad Arena since the original Artist of War event, so I feel my experience with Thrawn is as extensive as you will find. For me, Kanan's Offense Down is the best ability in the Thrawn Event, so I call him every time I can with Ezra and Hera (the protection up is just a bonus). Looking at Thrawn’s best mods, he is one of the toughest to decide on how to set him up. Tier 6 Thrawn. There are several options, but these are my picks. "You already need perfect RNG so don’t even mess with less than level 85 or non-maxed abilities". Thanks to all who gave input! You can probably do without all omegas as long as you put them where it counts most such as Ezra’s multi-attack unique and Kanan’s counter unique. The items that form these sets are purchased with tokens which drop from various bosses in Naxxramas and the Obsidian Sanctum. You already need perfect RNG so you're asking for a tough battle with less than level 85 or non-omegaed abilities though it's not impossible and people have done it before (arena mods can help). You’ll want to save your stuns for Thrawn at this point since he’s going to be doing the most damage to you. Direct Hera’s assist to Ezra instead and if you’re lucky Ezra will take a couple of multi-attacks. The developers did it to reflect Thrawn's attempt to reunify the empire as a whole. Stage 2 requires five Jedi which are 2-Star or above and so on up to Stage 7 which […] Some may suggest Speed or Offense mods, others Critical Chance. Just take a few of them there, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Used my arena mods which were decent at the time (~+50-70) highest on Ezra/Zeb, prot on Kanan, speed/prot on Chopper. I upgraded my characters with more gear, but I still keep failing. If you can, in phase 3, get one of your tanks with a lot of tm, as 9 times out of 10 (at least for me) thrawn will fracture them.Target the death troopers first, then commanders, then regular trooper, then thrawn. Here you’ll just have to get lucky. Additionally, a token for … CLS can’t be unlocked without R2 at 7* and R2-D2 requires a completely separate set of characters to unlock at 7*.Technically, any five Empire toons at 7* could get through R2’s event with the right RNG, but there are a set of toons that work much better than others: Palp-L, Vader, Thrawn, TFP, and Tarkin.Other substitutions can include: RG, Veers, Snowtrooper, and Magmatrooper. And here's what you've been waiting for: the Strategy. That way you won’t have to worry about the ST for a while AND you can use Chopper’s dispel to reduce TM by as much as 30% across the whole squad (10% for each buff) or Ezra’s dispel depending on the turn order. Assist special gives benefit depending on role (tank/attacker/support). If the ST Commanders heal themselves, at least you’ll have avoided Thrawn taking a turn. Kanan - Cleanse and taunter with an offense down on basic. By chance, can you remember whether Zeb's special dispels the CD buff on the DT? You’ll likely run into trouble as the ST commanders heal right as you’re about to kill a DT. First, a quick primer on the Phoenix Team: About the Phoenix teamThe key feature of a Phoenix team is that they share each other’s unique abilities with each other across the team. If you’re relatively healthy and Thrawn recently used fracture, then stun the DTs. I've been gearing Phoenix toons and now have Ezra at G12, Hera, Sabine and Kanan at G11 and Zeb at G8 (he's next), so their ships should be strong enough to beat the Chimaera event. However, Thrawn is actually rarely (never?) I'm slowly working my way up to get 5 of my Phoenix to 6*s, I have Thrawn at 5* already so it's not a huge deal if I miss out on 6* this go round but i'd still like to know what some of ya'll have used to clear tier 6. At the start of wave 2/4, it helps to hit both the Tie Fighter Pilots first (especially since they’re weak) so that they don’t give you buff immunity. You want Kanan and Chopper to have enough of both and then want one of them to catch the first fracture from Thrawn. CandymanJML2. Absolutely! You’re essentially having him commit suicide to cleanse a team member and himself through a revive. I agree with the speed arrows at a minimum. I was able to 7* Thrawn last time around and I didn't find enough information for my taste on just how to beat it without trying 100 times for the right RNG. For example, if you beat T7 of Thrawn's event, the Mythic would appear this go around. Zeb - Dazes with his basic and if an enemy already has Daze, Stagger or Expose, he stuns. It may take 20-30 tries, but nobody should avoid trying just because they're not 85. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Phase 6 - Take out ThrawnThe last enemy to take down is Thrawn. Thanks for the confirmation! Work to perfect it.\" —Grand Admiral ThrawnOne of the most cunning and ruthless warriors in the history of the Galactic Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn is also one of the most captivating characters in the Star Wars universe. You’ll probably have to dispel a taunt by this point so be sure that Chopper/Ezra always have one ready. I went speed secondaries on everyone except Kanan, I wanted that taunt to last a long time. Also while you don’t need Thrawn past gear 8 for the time being, bear in mind that he is arguably a close second in overall amazingness to Commander Luke, so feel free to max him out as soon as you can. However, as the DTs land their AOEs, all of your teams counterattacks will land on the ST so he might be stunned by multiple Zeb hits and you won’t have the luxury of waiting for him to taunt. Chopper - Taunt and dispel and moderate attack that (when omegaed) throws buffs and reduces cooldowns at random across the team. Gear 8, omegas on uniques and good mods are enough. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. The zetas are completely unnecessary and are definitely not needed to win, Because of fleet Phoenix is useful at g11. For details, refer to the set page. This is awesome! I know from experience that Thrawn's legendary (ARTIST OF WAR) is one of hardest battles in the game, if not the hardest now that Ackbar's cap ship challenge is easier with the fleet updates. I'm happy. May have been godlike RNG but I followed this plan with all lvl 82, Chopper lvl 80 all omegas (team power ~61k) and beat it on my first try. Galactic Challenges is a new PVE event that allows players to do challenging combat puzzles that will change on a regular basis. No zetas. Kanan is your best option here since he has the ability to cleanse himself and others. Take him out so you don't have to worry about his stupid taunt. I know from experience that Thrawn's legendary (ARTIST OF WAR) is one of hardest battles in the game, if not the hardest now that Ackbar's cap ship challenge is easier with the fleet updates. I didn't talk a lot about mod/gear so thanks for filling in. Phase 2a - Dispel the DT Crit Damage BuffsAfter the taunt is down you need the second of whichever of the buff dispels from Ezra/Chopper to be directed at the DTs. I had Kanan and Chopper at gear level 9 and the rest were at 8. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Will you beat it eventually if you follow this advice? JKR offensive focus. This is an excellent strategy. If you’re really lucky though, Thrawn will use fracture on Kanan before he goes down and take fracture down with him. 5. Finished the event with only about 20 minutes to spare before it ended. It ended up working for me. Unique gives counter to the team. Thanks to the Last Crusaders for their input and encouragement to make this happen. Artist of War Legendary Event.

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