Maul/Nest no longer a revan counter, emp lead is hard counter to traya lead, and sith are hard counter to Qira lead scoundrels, not CLS. (Seriously, she was a card-carrying member of the Star Wars Fan Club when she had no other real reason to own a wallet.) Always set defense, first of all. That means only 10% of matches will be close so you won’t have much to gain by making big investments in your roster. I am thinking of him mostly as an offensive leader, especially if he is not 7* G12. Besides this, it will be very important to save teams that are generally good on offense but that can also regenerate heath and finish the battle at full health, or even better, teams that can regenerate protection (Qi’Ra-led prepared scoundrels, Imperial Troopers, Bossk-led BH’s, etc.). They're not geared past G8 yet, but they have still been surprsingly strong on defense in TW since they're often underestimated. Take risks when necessary and be precise,” Scheel says. Jango is fairly fast, and gains speed from his leader. Quarterly, the Grand Arena hosts a Mini-con for RPGs (Role Playing Games). NO ONE will be able to knock you out of the top 10 on the main arena. Submit Trivia Question. But since team and character level tactics is such an expansive subject, I will just go over the overall strategies (balanced, offense heavy, and defense heavy) and a few other issues here. Obi … At age thirteen, carving knife in hand, I killed beast for the amusement of the filthy. The AI does not know how to use Thrawn or Ackbar properly. So if you want to win your GA’s, don’t pad your GP. Good read! In our experience, ladders are filled and new ladders are created approximately every 1.5-2 days. I thought I would find wealth and glory in the arena. Hier stellen wir exemplarisch einige erfolgreiche Team-Zusammenstellungen für die Arena vor. With that caveat, it may still be useful to think of the teams you should complete for GA, so I've made a tier list. Erfahre alles über "Große Arena", den neuesten PvP-Spielmodus in STAR WARS: Galaxy of Heroes. “Remember, you may not need to take out all of your enemy’s squads to win — you just need to earn more banners.”, 5. “It also allows you to plan out which squads you’ll use on defense and which to save for offense.” And he saves the squads in the order he’ll place them in to cut down on confusion. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. I know it's a bit confusing and we are looking into ways to make this more comprehensive. I’ve seen and heard this but never been close to beating Traya with palp lead. Defensive lead : hard to kill, (bossk esp) protection and health recovery, and high defense and protection bonuses to all BH. Updated Counter List 7 20 2019 Swgalaxyofheroes. For example, if you are a fairly dedicated player, you might find that you win 65% of your matches because your opponent is low-effort or has a weaker roster, and that 25% of your matchups are hopeless because your opponent has a much stronger roster or is super high effort. You can refresh the list of ennemies to find an enemy squad easier to defeat (based on your own composition). But don’t be wasteful. Maybe. It will fetch your mods and characters, and find the best set to equip for each character in a list you provide. Now she gets paid to pen stories and book reviews, interview fellow fans, writers, and other interesting people, and aspires to one day craft a Boushh disguise and join the ranks of the 501st Legion. Bolster your Territory Wars Defense with simple improvements and adjustments. “That’s a solid strategy when you have confidence you can take out at least one of your opponent’s territories.”. Squad goals: Scheel preps different squads for offense and defense to save time later. I'm hoping the heavy control and sustain will make it a solid defense. Grand Arena matchmaking worse than its ever been. Github Bobbybaxter Swgoh Counters A Counter Team Reference . Focus on mods and upgrading the best characters. SWGOH groups the 20,000 most recently created accounts into new arena ladders, sometimes referred to as “shards”. I was wrong. Does Range Trooper makes the difference? Here you will put most of your strongest teams on defense. “It also allows you to plan out which squads you’ll use on defense and which to save for offense.” And he saves the squads in the order he’ll place them in … Event schedules are posted in the Event Calendar thread on the SWGoH forums. Wrangler SWGOH channel on Youtube. need good damage and TM gains to kill fast. Offensive strategy and meta teams will help cut through enemy territories. CLS w/ Chewbacca (down a tier without Chewie), Bastilla (down a Tier if you have Revan and are using leftover Jedi), Jango led BHs (down a Tier if using Bossk lead), Imperial Troopers w/ Range Trooper (down a tier without RT), Krennic, Tarkin, other leftover Imperials. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So if you want to upgrade a character only for GA you should likely just get them to 4*-6* G11 (as opposed to 12) and without any less effective zetas, and then just use them on offense. I am 1.3 million and he is at 2million. Download Ultimate Counters Guide To The Top 15 Squads In Swgoh . Want to get in touch, share your tips, or discuss the game? The Grand Arena 3v3 … Never have I had such a bad matchmaking in Grand Arena, normally it’s within a 20,000 or so. Last updated: “Some squads are better on defense than others, and some of the ‘glass cannon’ squads are much better on offense,” Scheel says. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: 2020 Grand Arena Championships Strategy Update they're easy to stomp without him. We also offer an iCalendar feed which you can use with any calendar client like Gmail or Apple Calendar.. 2. Grand Master Yoda is the easiest of the events to clear because Jedi are easily accessible from the start of the game. When a Grand Arena event is active: be level 85; join before the first round of the event starts. So if you can, for example, solo a weaker team with Nest, that will deliver the maximum points. That’s more like it. Starting as low as possible is ideal. and save the specific counters for them. Fleet Arena is the under appreciated little brother of Squad Arena, often looked down on for being unfun (not untrue) and not synergising well with other areas of the game. Quite obviously, you should do your arena battles as close as the daily deadline. Simple SWGOH Arena Tracker. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: 3v3 Grand Arena Championships vs. 1. Kristin Baver is a writer and all-around sci-fi nerd who always has just one more question in an inexhaustible list of curiosities. “In my saved squad list, squads 1-3 go in my top territory and squads 4-6 go in my bottom territory.” Guess and test new configurations until you find what works for you! Nice. You’ll get to play against people you’ve never fought before as part of this event. Even better is if you can finish a battle with an undersized team, because you will gain 4 points for each character slot you don’t fill compared to a maximum of 3 points for each one filled (1 for the character surviving, 1 for finishing with full health, and 1 for full protection). Now with Grand Arena, investing in mods is almost like cheating the system since the match making doesn’t care whether a player has all 25-speed mods or all 0-speed ones. yeah range trooper makes them viable imo. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Shard/Gear Farming Calculator. Our GMs (Game Masters) bring in one shot demo games which run 2-4 hours. Just make sure you don’t place teams that have glaring weaknesses or that are easy to beat with full health/ protection (such as low offense tanky teams). Squad goals: Scheel preps different squads for offense and defense to save time later. HOARD account + HyperDrive = minimum 1 year of total domination on the arenas. Grand Arena matches players across the entire game. Become a Patron! The Nordic Kingdom Alliance Counterlist Poster And Videos Star. I found something far more precious. Visit for more tools and information. For attack, this is banners won (higher is better). This will be a good strategy if you don’t want to put much time into TW. SWGoH Arena Teams und Beispiele erfolgreiche Zusammenstellungen #12. von AppGamers - Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:33 pm - Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:33 pm #12. However, you may still find it suits your goals better to pad your GP to help your guild in TB as well as getting into higher TW rewards brackets. Hey guys, EDI has been given a serious upgrade to now try and give GAC defense advice. With this strategy you will look at your teams and decide whether they are a team which is better on offense (it can counter certain popular teams that are stronger overall) or defense (it doesn’t have any major weaknesses). But he concedes that putting your best defenses in the same place could also make that territory nearly impossible to defeat. SWGOH Grand Arena Championships Meta Squads Based on 641,195 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Swgoh 3v3 Offense In Grand Arena Counter Any 3v3 Nightsisters. First you will look at your opponents roster and identify any strong teams (Revan, Traya, CLS+Chewie, etc.) “Avoid wasting squads against defensive squads that have a much higher Galactic Power than your attacking squads.”. Below is a list of all SWGoH events, past and current, in a monthly calendar. I have 7* G11 non zeta Jango, and in TW his lead is always underestimated giving me a couple defensive wins. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Do you know a fan who’s most impressive? I say this because you will probably often be matched up with players who put in a low effort (especially if you are lower GP) and will also sometimes be matched up with players who are higher effort with very strong rosters. At fifteen, they thought me worthy to fight a fellow man. However, if you do not have that type of time to commit, if you want to try out a new system, then the Mini-Con is for you. Join our public Discord Server. “Do you think that winning 1 territory will be enough, or will you need to win both territories to earn more banners than your opponent? Grand Arena Strategy Hosts Gear Buying Guide. focus the weaker guys first (low HP+ Protection) so dispellers are must. Assuming Sion and ST or Nest. Hop on Twitter and tell @KristinBaver all about them! If your main fleet is Thrawn or Ackbar, save it and put Tarkin on defense with your backup team and put your main team on offense. Average Banners. Prepare for battle and watch the trailer for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Grand Arena below! Campaigns take weeks, months or even years to play. Galactic Challenges Find the best Galactic Challenge teams, modding tips, and global and player modifier info at your fingertips. ! ;P. It's basically TW in miniature as it stands, so the same teams that are strong on defense there will probably be strong on defense here. I don't claim to be a great expert on every team and every matchup, but I think I know enough to get most of the teams right within a few places. I understand this is an exhibition round, but still a 700,000 difference is insane! “This means you may want to spread out your strong defensive squads, because putting your top three squads on defense in a single territory and three weaker ones in the other territory can create an easy target for your opponent,” says Scheel. (Or maybe it’s a solid strategy after all). Grandivory's mods optimizer will allow you to equip the optimum mod set on every character you have in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes™. Great starting point, my issue is that it's simply more teams than I was expecting so I don't even have some of the lower tier teams at what I would consider a 'viable' (missing a key character/zeta/generally undergeared) level. Grand Arena Championships are a five-week series of Grand Arena events and Feats. With this strategy you will look at your teams and decide whether they are a team which is better on offense (it can counter certain popular teams that are stronger overall) or defense (it doesn’t have any major weaknesses). You will place half or more of your strongest teams on defense. I am surprised you think Jango lead is stronger than Bossk on defense. You will earn 900 crystals each day from the first day!! 3. Submit Show Feedback. Dieser besteht aus einer Reihe von kleinen 1-gegen-1-Territorialkriegen, garantiert mit Spielern aus allen Teilen der Galaxis aber noch mehr Action. Evasion from OB, evasion from 3PO unique - plus stuns, ability blocks and confuse everywhere. I think it’s also likely that when the exhibition phase is over, GA awards will be based on GP brackets, so you might decide to pad your GP even if your win rate will go down. 4. Sometimes she blurts out “It’s a trap!” even when it’s not. To study the banner system further and placement of defensive teams, my thoughts would be: if you have 4 teams you are going to set on defense, take the strongest 2 and put them on the same territory to reduce the chance of losing that territory and thus the extra points. So if you’re in a neck-in-neck race to win your Grand Arena round, consider taking some risky attacks with a lighter squad to gain the edge over your opponent. Better means lower : the best rank is rank 1. You'll fight in arena by picking enemies with a rank better than yours. Learn everything about gear farming, drop rates, how to buy gear, what shops are good value, and how to optimize gearing characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (swgoh).

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