[56] A new character, Jean-Paul Valley, takes up the Batman mantle in Bruce Wayne's absence. I tried to get a sense of what Kane and Finger were after. Following. DC Universe Rebirth (2016) | LOGO Comics Wiki | Fandom. Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne family butler, was introduced in issue #16 (April–May 1943). Despite this, the suit is not indestructible and has been shown to take quite a beating after his battle with Superman. James Gordon, having taken on the Batman mantle, became the main character of the series in June 2015. Batman’s methods have always been clear. [73], Grant Morrison began his long-form Batman narrative in issue #655. Ils furent écrit par Ellsworth jusqu'en juillet 1970 et puis par E. Nelson Bridwell. In the spring of 1940, Batman #1 was published and introduced new characters into Batman's pantheon, most notably those of Catwoman and Batman's eventual nemesis, the Joker. In this new timeline, the original Batman series ended and was relaunched with a new first issue. Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? Batman Bimestriel Depuis juillet 2019 Cycle 4 d’Urban Comics; Batman Rebirth juin 2017—mai 2019 Cycle 3 d’Urban Comics; Batman Univers mars 2016—mai 2017 Cycle 2 d’Urban Comics; Batman Saga mai 2012—février 2016 Cycle 1 d’Urban Comics; Batman Showcase février—avril 2012 Cycle 0 d’Urban Comics; Anciens éditeurs 2003—2011 Puisque tout ce qui est civilisé est anéanti, le gouvernement américain fait ce que n’importe quel gouvernement ferait dans une situation critique… Se laver les mains et s’en aller e… You need to login to follow comics. [39][40] Writer Doug Moench began his run on the title with issue #360[41][42] and he and artist Tom Mandrake created the Black Mask character in Batman #386 (August 1985). Après une longue période d'absence, Bruce Wayne est de retour sous le masque de Batman, à la poursuite d'un mystérieux tueur en série aux allures de hibou, et dont la prochaine cible n'est autre que... Bruce Wayne. Marvel Comics Database is a wiki anyone can edit, full of characters (like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and the Hulk), comic books, and movies! "Mystery of the Black Bat" is presented in the style of Dick Sprang[64] and "Joker Tips His Hat!" [82], Daniel remained the main writer on the series until issue #699. [80] Grant Morrison stayed involved in writing Batman, but moved to a new series titled Batman and Robin, which followed the exploits of Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as the new Robin. From there, writer Brian K. Vaughan did a three-issue arc that focused on Batman's created crime persona Matches Malone before Brubaker returned. This aspect of the Batman's personality was also toned down considerably in the wake of the DC-wide crossover Infinite Crisis, wherein Batman experienced a nervous breakdown and reconsidered his philosophy and approaches to his relationships. Viennent ensuite les adaptations des jeux vidéo, Batman pour les enfants, les fascicules presses et tout ce qu'il y a autour du Bat-verse. Marvel; DC; Image; Dark Horse; IDW; Boom! Il était syndiqué par Ledger Syndicate. While the Batman series was not rebooted, writer Frank Miller, who had previously worked on the limited series The Dark Knight Returns, and artist David Mazzucchelli retold the character's origin story for the new continuity in the monthly pages of Batman issues 404–407 (February–May 1987). Along with Robin's origin. Cette page est découpée selon les formats dans lesquels apparaissent Batman : les séries et les one-shots. [18], Marv Wolfman briefly wrote Batman and co-created the Electrocutioner in issue #331 (Jan. LOGO Comics. ", Manning "1980s" in Dolan, p. 241: "With the pencils of [George] Pérez, Jim Aparo, and Tom Grummett, [Marv] Wolfman concocted the five-issue 'A Lonely Place of Dying'...In it, Tim Drake...earned his place as the new Robin. During King's run, the series explored Batman's psychological aspects, made Bane its main antagonist, and celebrated Batman and Catwoman's relationship in a long-running story arc that involved many mini-arcs. ", Irvine "1950s" in Dolan, p. 88: "Throughout 1958 Batman encountered aliens from different planets and dimensions. The suit is designed to withstand a great deal of physical damage, providing Batman a great deal of protection against beings with strength superior to his own. [55] The main writers of the Batman franchise in the 1990s were Grant, Doug Moench,[41] and Chuck Dixon. Batman is the secret identity of the very rich businessman Bruce Wayne.He is one of the most famous and popular superheroes. « Shortly after the 1989 feature [film], Batman even returned to the funny pages for a bit, in a comic strip by...legendary artist Marshall Rogers. Following the conclusion of Hush, the creative team of the Vertigo series 100 Bullets came aboard for a six-issue arc titled "Broken City". Although not canonical, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns introduced a significant evolution of the Batman's character in his eponymous series; he became uncompromising and relentless in his struggle to revitalize Gotham. ", Manning "1990s" in Dolan, p. 287: "Numbering eighty-five comics officially labeled as part of the crossover...'No Man's Land' created a Gotham City never seen before. [28] O'Neil said his work on the Batman series was "simply to take it back to where it started. [22], In 1971, writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Neal Adams came aboard the title and re-infused it with the darker tones of the 1940s. [10] In 1953, Sheldon Moldoff became another one of the primary Batman ghost artists who, along with Win Mortimer and Dick Sprang, drew stories credited to Bob Kane, following Kane's style and under Kane's supervision. [74] The first story, "Batman and Son", reveals that Wayne is the father of a child named Damian, and attempts to steer the child away from the machinations of his mother, Talia al Ghul. "Death-Wish for Two Conclusion", Cowsill, Alan "2000s" in Dolan, p. 307: "The 'Hush' story arc [begun] in, Manning "2000s" in Dougall (2014), p. 269: "Editor Bob Schreck gave two more big name creators a shot at the Batman when he hired writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso for a six-issue noir thriller. One night, after seeing a rousing adventure film, the Wayne family exited the theater through an alleyway and was confronted by a street mugger. Manning "1980s" in Dougall (2014), p. 139: Manning, Matthew K. "1980s" in Dolan, p. 201: "Jason Todd first appeared in a circus scene in the pages of Batman #357, written by Gerry Conway and illustrated by Don Newton. Publisher: DC Comics Release: Jun 2016 - Present Issues: 106 One Shots: 5 Annuals: 5 Collected Volumes: 23 Critic Reviews: 2847 User Reviews: 7476. It was legendary artist Neal Adams who delivered the winning concept. La première série a été écrite par Bob Kane et par d'autres personnes. Toutes les autres histoires ont été écrites par William Messner-Loebs et dessinées par Carmine Infantino et John Nyberg[3]. The Walking Dead. Il a été distribué par le McClure Syndicate. Il était syndiqué par le Chicago Tribune/New York News Syndicate. [31] The series reached its 300th issue with a June 1978 cover date and featured a story by writer David Vern Reed and artists Walt Simonson and Dick Giordano. Ongoing Comics; A-Z List; Browse By Genre; Advanced Search; Latest; New Comics; Popular Comics ; Make better use Enter site Login or Register. Wiki Content. "[29] Comics historian Les Daniels observed that O'Neil's interpretation of Batman as a vengeful obsessive-compulsive, which he modestly describes as a return to the roots, was actually an act of creative imagination that has influenced every subsequent version of the Dark Knight. La seconde série a été écrite par Walter B. Gibson et a été publiée seulement le dimanche. [58], The Batman titles in 1999 were dominated by the large crossover story arc "No Man's Land", which sees Gotham City ravaged by a large earthquake, leading to the U.S. government's order to evacuate the city and abandoning and isolating those who chose to remain behind. Cet arc cross-over (composé de différents artistes) s’est étendu durant 1999. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. It is also revealed the Bruce Wayne is alive, with no memories of his previous life, and has started dating Julie Madison. Based on the DC Comics character Batman, the film will star Jon Hamm, Brooke Burns, Thomas Jane, Guy Pearce, Christopher Plummer and William Hurt as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Vicki Vale, Slade Wilson / Deathstroke, Roman Sionis / Black Mask, Alfred Pennyworth and James Gordon. "At the Heart of Stone", Manning, Matthew K. "1980s" in Dolan, p. 221 "Batman celebrated the 400th issue of his self-titled comic with a blockbuster featuring dozens of famous comic book creators and nearly as many infamous villains. ", Manning, Matthew K. "1980s" in Dougall (2014), p. 138: "Plotted by, Manning "1980s" in Dougall (2014), p. 139: ". Cet article présente de façon complète l’ensemble des comics Batman idéaux pour se plonger dans l’univers du Chevalier Noir. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly ari… This culminated in the storyline Batman R.I.P., where the Black Glove initially succeeds in doing so, but is thwarted by Bruce Wayne's ability to preserve his sane mind while an erratic, alternate personality takes over. [78] Neil Gaiman wrote issue #686, which was the first part of a two-part story titled Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? This Week's Reviews; Top Comics; Trades; Publishers . Category:The Lego Batman Movie panel at the 2016 Comic-Con International. But as Gotham evolves, so must the Bat. ", Irvine "1950s" in Dolan, p. 92: "The Dynamic Duo battled the frosty foe Mr. 3. En novembre 2011 a lieu le reboot de la continuité avec les New 52. During Starlin's tenure on the title, DC Comics was becoming aware of the fanbase's growing disdain for the character of Jason Todd, Following a cliffhanger in which the character's life hangs in the balance, DC set up a 900 number hotline which gave callers the ability to vote for or against Jason Todd's death. ... Batman Year: 2016 ... you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. "[30] Issues #254-261 (Jan.–Feb. [50] Jim Starlin became the writer of Batman and one of his first storylines for the title was "Ten Nights of The Beast"[51] in issues #417-420 (March–June 1988) which introduced the KGBeast. [65] "The Dark, Groovy, Solid, Far-out, Right-on, and Completely With-it Knight Returns" is a humorous spin on Batman's character trying to update himself into the 1980s, and featured stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt's comic writing debut. Register Start a Wiki. 2. [52] Writer Marv Wolfman and artist Pat Broderick created Tim Drake in issue #436 in the "Batman: Year Three" storyline[53] and the character became the third version of Robin in the "A Lonely Place of Dying" sequel storyline culminating in issue #442. The loss of life and collateral damage left many feeling angry and helpless, including crime-fighting billionaire Bruce Wayne. ", McAvennie "1960s" in Dolan, p. 114: "Nearly eighteen years had passed since the Riddler last tried to stump Batman and Robin. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Typically, the primary challenges that the Batman faced in this era were derived from villains who were purely evil; however, by the 1970s, the motivations of these characters, including obsessive-compulsion, child abuse, and environmental fanaticism, were being explored more thoroughly. Using a machine that Batman planned to use to implant his memories into clones to continue his lineage, he regains his memories and becomes Batman again. For issue #600, the series moved into the next phase of Wayne's frame-up[63] and featured three backup stories, which were presented as lost issues never before published from iconic eras in Batman's history. [49] Following Year One, writer Max Allan Collins and artist Chris Warner crafted a new origin for Jason Todd. Zero in a story written by Dave Wood and with art by Sheldon Moldoff in, McAvennie, Michael "1960s" in Dolan, p. 102: "Young Betty Kane assumed the costumed identity of Bat-Girl in this tale by writer Bill Finger and artist Sheldon Moldoff. It is a follow-up to Man of Steel (2013) and the second installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The character of Batman made his first appearance in the pages of Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. [103] Writer Mike W. Barr and artist Trevor Von Eeden crafted Batman Annual #8 (1982)[104] and Von Eeden has noted that it is "the book I’m most proud of, in my 25 year career at DC Comics. 4. [62] Brubaker's run received a short interruption with an arc title "Officer Down", which depicted Commissioner Gordon being shot in the line of duty and ultimately retiring from the Gotham police force. ", Wallace "1940s" in Dolan, p. 59: "Inspired by Lewis Carroll's, Irvine "1950s" in Dolan, p. 77: "Once Superman had a dog, Batman got one too, in "Ace, the Bat-Hound!" [32][33] Len Wein became the writer of the series with issue #307 (January 1979) and in his first issue, created Wayne Foundation executive Lucius Fox,[34] later portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the movies Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. Volume » Published by DC Comics. The first stories appearing in the Batman comic book were written by Bill Finger and illustrated by Bob Kane, though Finger went uncredited for years thereafter. After a storyline involving Clayface and a one-shot dealing with the aftermath of "Death of the Family", Snyder's next arc was "Batman: Zero Year". Le comic strip a trois arcs majeurs et deux mineurs diffusés dans les journaux américains. Batman et Robin continuèrent à apparaître dans le strip mais firent équipe avec un nouvel héros appelé Galexo jusqu'à sa fin en 1974[2]. [11] Bill Finger and Moldoff introduced Ace the Bat-Hound in #92 (June 1955). Moench and Dixon masterminded the Knightfall crossover story arc, which saw Batman's back being broken by the super-strong villain Bane.

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