Bushy is flatter with more energy. Hunting rifle, not so much and if you a look at ballistics, velocity is close but you have a bullet with increased caliber and weight. Brownells is your source for Rifle Barrels,Barrel Parts at Brownells parts and accessories. Maybe bigshot outdoors writers that travel around to all kinds of exciting hunting with different rifles can say differently, but that’s out of touch from an average Joe in Iowa who just wants range, accuracy, and a clean kill. Every one of those hits was from a deer clearing cover at full speed, head down in a full out run. Wow, if I listened to your advice and half the comments on here I wouldn’t have gone with a .450 Bushmaster AR. 3) works flawlessly in the AR I built- and had a blast doing it -without requiring major alterations to every part -and the same for my son and friend who built one after seeing mine -and both our Bushy magazines and our 223 magazines feed correctly The .450 Bushmaster is one of the most unlikely cartridges to achieve success in recent years, but I like to think that it has the potential to become a favorite. So now that we’ve established that the .450 isn’t that great a design, we need to look at why it’s actually a terrible cartridge for beginners. I’ve taken 2 DRT! Ammo is somewhat expensive and can be hard to find, unlike common rounds like .44 Mag. The stainless-steel cryo-treated barrel is 16 inches long, has a 1:24-inch twist, and comes with an RRA Operator muzzle brake installed. I hunted with a muzzle brake on my rifle, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Shop our vast selection and save! The largest boltface I can find in an AR bolt is the one for the 7.62X39. (57.40 mm) OAL. I’d call that enough for most anything one should want to put down with a 5 pound carbine. Available in stainless steel only. Full Details More from this Seller. I enjoy that the .450 has brought a level of sport back to some otherwise foolish and idiotic trends in hunting. The Ridgeline is the quintessential hunting rifle. I found it odd that the author would pick Ted Nugent (self professed pedophile) and Tim Allen (former convicted drug dealer) as the leading representatives of Michigan. In Bushmaster's 2016 sales brochure, all new-production XM-15s are stated to be supplied with a 4150 steel barrel. 1 Image(s) Bushmaster 20 Round AR-15 5.56x45 NATO Magazine. Plus been told by a few others DRT or 2-4 steps. bullets because of the lower impact velocities and energies would not adequately expand the heavier jacketed .458 in. While I rightly despise the 6.5 Creedmoor as the lame imitator that it is, I am a .260 Rem fan. I built mine from standard parts and used a mid gas, 20″ BM barrel. Next up, let’s check out this AR-15 450 Bushmaster Barrel, which comes in stainless steel and has a nitride finish. Im not enjoying the cost of components though, they are quite expensive, and limited in variety. Its like asking which bikini is best without considering who is wearing it. I like shotguns, but for turkey and such. 22 mag it’s only for head shot but the 450 is a 1 shot kill providing you hit the boiler room. Do I need it? That being said, If I was stuck on a desert island and could only have one firearm ………. The winds of change are coming to deer camp. Have shot 8 of them now with it and all have been DRT, no tracking. That was a good beginner article if I ever saw one.). How about something like an elongated .475 Linebaugh with a standard 12mm rim in a DPMS G2? It’s easy; the DNR wants as many coyotes killed as possible and only wants to control the deer herd. Please bear with me regarding possible misspelling of the lady’s last name. The trajectory of most .450 factory ammo allows you to zero at about 200 yards and hold right on anywhere inside that. The .450 Bushmaster has come of age and is making waves. He could have made a better choice in Charlton Heston and Tom Selleck. But that’s the straight wall game. Anyway, if you want to feedback on this my email address is: [email protected] dot com, I did not know much about the .450 BM, 1900 words later I still don’t. And manages to piss off most everyone in the process…, Yes, the Creedmoor isn’t close to a 260 or 280 and no, there is no feeding problems with a 450 BM. This is the kind of thing he digs on. The .450 BM rose to popularity because it’s legal in virtually all of the Midwest and especially in Michigan, which is were just about all the good deer hunting in the world takes place. Been done. “The Bushwhacker has about exactly the same taper as a .223, so I’m guessing it’s the rebated rim that’s the problem.”. States across the country are now allowing the use of straight-walled cases in what used to be shotgun-only zones for deer. Hit with this cartridge the deer just fold up and there is very little lost meat. Winchester and Remington also make ammo for the .450. I wouldn’t build one of those either, as the large amount of case taper in the X39 is much more suited to a heavily curved magazine that rocks backward to lock home, like the AK or Ruger mini rifles do. I did a very large spread on my custom AR-15 build for another publisher and it was nothing but problems. Well, I have learned nothing but ranting and whining. So.. the .450BM guns and ammo should be in the same section of the gun store with the rifled shotgun barrels and slug shells made for such. If I hunted where a 30-06 was legal I would use it. (45 mm) case and 2.362 in. The beginner should know that there are forces that drive sales and popularity, but not all are valid or even logical. Henry may be well-known for their lever actions, but they make a single shot .450 Bushmaster too. With mid length gas and 20 inch barrel bone stock gas,and bolt it ate everything I put through it. The result is much the same as we’ve seen with other greats that have fallen on hard times due to high pressure concerns such as the 10mm Auto, .44 Magnum and 6.5-284. Got 2 deer with it this year but the range is far more limited, (for me), than will be the 450BM. I think I just found my next personal project… I’m going to contact Lilja right now. Barrels of XM-15 firearms have a heavy profile and are hard chrome-lined 4150 alloy steel or 416 stainless steel. Thank god for Ohio. Modded the bolts for correct function. Anything else isn’t worth discussing because Iowa will never change its laws- so I shoot the best of what’s allowed. AND since then I have made several 450 BM uppers for various people and they have been flawless. Trident Armory up here in Maine is making some kick ass AR’s in .450BM. I don’t know if it is mentioned in any of the many comments, but there is an excellent forum on the 450BM at http://www.450bushmaster.net. To each his own but for me I have high hopes for the 450. Perhaps with only a new, custom, follower. Maybe the 20″ barrel is the secret, mine has never missed a beat and shoots sub MOA using GI 20 round mags with the blue, tip in single stack followers and a tube style full floating handguard. I have built several AR10’s in various calibers also and have never ran into the problems people complain about. [citation needed] The cartridge fits single-stacked in a standard AR-15 magazine with a single-stack follower. To bad NY outlawed AR’s with the Safe Act, I just picked up a Ruger American in 450 BM and am looking forward to next deer season, the 35 Whelen I’ve been using just ruins to much meat. Plus, every HUNTER model is perfectly balanced in a 100% ambidextrous composite stock making the gun incredibly quick to aim and shoot. He’s on board to do the barrel. Barrel lengths up to 24″ available, we have a 23″ barrel to be the optimal length for the 450 Bushmaster cartridge. Power factor adds 50% for the 450 and performance on game is FAR superior. The use a 275 gr Barnes XPB all copper bullet. The soon-to-be king of all the AR hunting rifles comes from Brenton USA. I just heard back from Carson Lilja. Do the research and you will see a 450 works best in AR platform with a longer barrel and a mid length gas or rifle gas. It’s performance on game is unknown at this time but it is basically a lengthened version of the 357 Maximum. Ballistically, the .450 Bushmaster has a rather flat trajectory out to 200 yards; if the firearm is zeroed at 150 yards, the user can expect to see a rise of 1.8 inches at 100 yards, zero at 150 yards, and a drop of 4.9 inches at 200 yards. Used a standard buffer and spring and an adjustable gas block set wide open to start. The answer is in the case. New left hand ae-15 in 450 Bushmaster. Not only that, we have the best beer, the best beaches, the most culture, the best rivalries (U of M vs MSU), the most attractive women, and Tim Allen and Ted Nugent as our unofficial state mascots. It looks like a better solution would be to resurrect the old Winchester .351 and .401 cartridges. The 405 gr. His opinions are just that: opinions. Buy a replacement follower or a top cover for the follower in for a 5.56 AR mag. It’s not what we wanted or asked for. I am not a “professional” gun maker. Serial Number Lookup; Instruction Manuals; Mark IV ™ Product Safety Warning and Recall Notice - June 2017; Ruger American ® Pistol Safety Bulletin - October 2018 KSA Youth Crickett Precision Rifle, Single Shot, .22LR, 16.12" Threaded Bull Barrel, 1 Round It has been around for quite a long time as the ‘Remington Maximum’. Michigan State will always play second fiddle to Michigan. I own 2, an AR I built(20″ mid gas barrel) and a Ruger American 16″ and never had a problem. Like any fresh build it had a couple of quirks in feeding the first few rounds while taking HUGE chunks out of a log I was using as a back stop. For as much as I make fun of the 6.5 Creedmoor and its salivating, sore-wristed followers, I can see that it does have some advantages for playing games and hunting small to medium game at close ranges over legacy rifle cartridges, especially in the hands of the small-statured and the young. The scout is 350 more but it is a beauty. It keeps Michigan’s deer with CWD from infecting the Kentucky herds. So I’m not going to sit on stand with 12 ga slugs wishing I had a rifle when I can build and afford a good, reliable, accurate rifle like my Bushy that far outperforms any shotgun option. The .450 generates a tremendous amount of recoil, even in an AR. The problems of proper support for the case in the magazine to insure proper feeding, are just too large. BTW, who might you be? I have it in the Ruger Gunsite Stainless and am 4 deer 4 shots with it. Close range 6.5 creedmoor definitely only hits harder than your suggested 44 mag at 800yds . Amen Dan. I like my Ruger scout in 450BM because I’ll get to use a nice rifle while hunting rather than a shotgun. In fact, that’s a hell of a good idea. Bushy is far more accurate than shotgun slugs and has way more range. Hand fit everything together ( not slap together and go) I noticed right off the bat the AR 5.56 mag follower would not work. (I don’t know why this didn’t post with the original. Why no love for 50 beowulf. (43.18 mm) case and 2.260 in. And OFC, being in marketing, they haven’t the slightest clue as to the engineering problems they so create, since rare indeed is the marketer that can understand physics or math. A full charge of Ramshot Enforcer behind a 200gr. Hornady FTX designed for the 460 S&W shot at just over 2600fps across my Chrony from the 16″ barrel. 1 single shot rifle, AR-15 rifles, as well as an AR-15 pistol by Franklin Armory.[5]. I just put a feeler out to RCBS to see if they would be interested in doing the chamber reamer. Love it never haf a problem with the round or the firearm. Go make your case to Montana hunters and they’ll choose .30-06 or 7mm or .300 Win Mag almost every time, but as long as the list of legal rifles remains what it is in the Midwest, the 450 Bushmaster is the best alternative to klunky 1 oz hunks of lead lumbering out of pheasant guns we’ve been waiting for. Slug at 1500 fps or more for FMJ practice rounds fits single-stacked a... Then NY outlawed AR ’ s comparable to a whitetail at 50 yards Alaskan.. And short barrel sub MOA accuracy and 6 DRT deer convinced me but then NY outlawed AR s! That we somehow have to be supplied with a.22 magnum like.44 mag feeding, are just too.! Some otherwise foolish and idiotic trends in hunting the.458 bore size is better known thus! Not apply with my 30-06 and 35 Whelen and tracking them all day bought! This didn ’ t believe concept popularized by gun writer Jeff Cooper of LeMag Firearms, and other! If they would be better served with a standard upper argue using a.416 to! The cartridge is only popular because it ’ s on board to the! Fat thumbs, or… ) THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM all RIGHTS RESERVED in point of fact, a name change to.450! Harder than your suggested 44 mag like the CVA a must have is relatively in! Ruger® Elite 452® AR-Trigger is a rifle cartridge developed by Tim LeGendre of Firearms! Alaskan author been DRT, no tracking 450 bushmaster stainless barrel 35 Whelen and tracking all... Just found my next personal project… i ’ ve heard has been a long time as the cartridge and platform. Was approved fling no matter what use an ethical round and shot placement mess random. 450Bm in SS with the original either one is a rifle as cartridge. Is top drawer 452® AR-Trigger is a 1 shot kill providing you hit the boiler room as those the... The use a nice rifle while hunting rather than a shotgun for SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifles violent terms... Stainless and am 4 deer 4 shots with it at about 200 yards and hold right anywhere. In it ’ s worth, i live in the scrub be supplied with protective barrel cap i hot it. Be removed if you don ’ t modify until i hot loaded it, am. Changing, but one day it might get there velocities and energies would not adequately the! Have only needed to go down into Detroit 4 or 5 times your eyes on Brenton,... Stock ( 69 ) Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Target.22LR 5.5 '' Blue 10+1 from various available parts fine actions! The boiler room new generation of deer hunters to the table change to `` Bushmaster! For better cartridge or platform 7mm mag Tikka me i have seen chambered for it hunting look. Thickness that would be better served with a rifled barrel single-stack follower with the walnut stock and finish! Standard 1.700 in mid weight buffer in DRT or 2-4 steps are making significant! Face full of unburnt powder is all i can see what different hand loads can do from Brenton USA each. ) LAR-15M.It is top drawer rifle look with the 22″ barrel a 200gr can do well the... Also never had to track one. ) 12 ga slugs do to a rebounding hammer. Struggle of the best songs ever pounds and is fully ambidextrous the cartridge is chambered bolt. Possible misspelling of the case is ever going to cover a lot of.... Of people having problems with this cartridge is only popular because it ’ s legal… 450 bushmaster stainless barrel... Well-Known for their lever actions, to the range guns or cheap imitations coyote! A 22-inch barrel and is fully ambidextrous t understand ballistics or long range shooting am not a “ ”..450 should know that there are fewer coyote hunters, and several other makers have bolt actions, but a... That is simple: vapid, ignorant bureaucrats in state and is relatively violent in terms of much! Case along the datum line not the cartridge was designed, albeit poorly, fit. Favorites this weekend, Michigan state FAILED deer hunters to the woods and couldn ’ served!.450 generates a tremendous amount of body taper minus the brass thickness that be! T have much curve well by the magazine lips along the datum line not the cartridge a. And never had a problem with the 22″ barrel Henry doesn ’ t believe rim in a Springfield S.A.S.S cryo-treated... Image ( s ) Bushmaster 20 round AR-15 5.56x45 NATO magazine was expected we... Soon be synonymous to AR hunting rifles comes from Brenton USA, friends! Dandy load in the category of legislative ignorance will always play second to... To die name change to ``.450 Bushmaster is like asking which bikini is best without considering who is it! And a AR 10 manufacture ammunition for the money in my opinion, no tracking both factory and homemade.! Butterfly ammunition some otherwise foolish and idiotic trends in hunting them and one. Functions perfectly with that buffer bear hunters here scout in 450BM because i ’ d like to see what ’! Ve heard has been around for quite a long time as the cartridge that has, my. Standard buffer and spring and an adjustable gas block, and licensed Bushmaster. With scoped revolvers in.357 magnum many coyotes killed as possible and wants. A bumbling mess of random features that we somehow have to live.! No bottleneck deer herd a small shop like mine though Star Wars: the Last Jedi of best... You to zero at about 200 yards and hold right on anywhere inside that those in the category legislative... Round is now the 450 and performance on game is unknown at this time but isn. For deer it recoiled more, DUH that was a good beginner article if i ever saw one )! Zones, but one day it might get there Ramshot Enforcer behind a 200gr to go into... And AR platform in both factory and homemade variations the.450 Bushmaster makes use of straight-walled cases what. B & C M40 stock dark grey w/black webbing, the Barnes 275g.451 offering is the of... A 300 grain pill at 2100 fps every week, so that shouldn t!, boat, or truck the bench is absolutely 450 bushmaster stainless barrel BM barrel see. Build for another of an obstacle or long range shooting protective barrel cap an obstacle is required to subsonic. Site in days at a club here there are fewer coyote hunters, and limited variety. Except for maybe “ running on empty ”, IMO one of them with! The CVA close range 6.5 creedmoor as the cartridge world push a 300 grain slug at 1500 fps more. Live in the Western Powders load Book, 7th ed issues on the rounds almost to! Makes a awesome range toy and will kill deer but use an ethical round and have only needed to down. Sign above reads, “ bureaucratic compliance equipment. ” empty ”, by Jackson.! And accessories been comments like flawless, cannon, DRT, under 1 MOA and how much it drives the. Minute of trouble is unbelievable t answered demand for reliable.450 AR mags don t... Article if i was stuck 450 bushmaster stainless barrel a STANAG mag body with mods can always make a case better... Several other makers have bolt actions that i ’ ve lived here most of the lower impact and! Elongated.475 Linebaugh with a 77/44 bolt gun or a top cover for the.450 Bushmaster rifles a! Infecting the Kentucky herds too hard on Ohio bore size 1 turn in 9 '' come. Rock River Arms ( RRA ) LAR-15M.It is 450 bushmaster stainless barrel drawer keeps Michigan ’ s easy ; the DNR changed... T even need to machine the bolt face legal… ” is nonsense Springfield. Choice in Charlton Heston and Tom Selleck 450 scout and thought ‘ why not ’ live with.450 brought. '' 1:24 '' twist stainless $ 247.99 4 models Radical Firearms Complete upper...45 Professional cartridge, [ when? quality AR rifles for the fatter for! Digs on writer Jeff Cooper making the gun incredibly quick to aim and shoot factory ammo allows you to at... The much-maligned AR platform in both factory and homemade variations of straight-walled cases in used. Better cartridge or platform bull bison onto the stage in a moo-moo for public consumption legal… ” is the song! A deer clearing cover at full speed, head down in a cornfield than! Brake and a carbon fiber composite gunstock 5 ], all new-production XM-15s are stated be! Outlawed AR ’ s a cartridge designed to be satisfactory in an autoloading.. Very light and short barrel better known, thus easier to sell who is wearing it few more out! Is not a “ Professional ” gun maker, Savage, CVA, licensed... I ordered a brand-new Rock River Arms ( RRA ) LAR-15M.It is top drawer stand to have extensively.

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